The Great New York State Fair Honey Show entry deadline is coming up soon!  You are proud of your is a chance to "strut your stuff" to the rest of New York State and show off your bees' hard work at the Fair!  It's fun and educational to enter a honey competition.

Please note the following:  Entry tickets ($10 for one or multiple entries...a bargain!) must be purchased by July 27.  You must have an entry ticket to submit your honey product for competition at the Fair.   Note that you can only make one entry per exhibition class, however you can enter as many exhibition classes as you'd like.  

THE RULES HAVE BEEN UPDATED.  The Honey Show rules are "new and improved" and are more explicit about how to prepare your honey entry.

For 2018, the NYS Fair Honey Show rules have been updated. Please see below for registration information and show rules.

The deadline to register to compete in the Honey Show is 4:30 pm July 27th, 2018. 

You can find general instructions, specific instructions, and entry forms online here:

2018 Honey Show Rules

General Rule Info Sheet

Registration to Honey Show

How to Enter - The Great New York State Fair!

NYS Fair Website