About The Empire State Honey Producers Association, Inc.

ESHPA open to all beekeepers in NYS, from the hobbyist with one hive, to the commercial migratory beekeeper with thousands. This is made clear in the preamble of the bylaws:

To promote and protect the interests of New York State beekeepers, and
To form an association for mutual benefit of New York State honey producers; to promote and assist in efforts to preserve and protect the honey bee; to assist New York State honey producers in promoting, marketing and publicizing honey and hive products and educate the public to the value of honey bee pollination; to aid in presenting a uniform point of view on concerns of New York State honey producers to state and federal agencies and the general public.
To procure uniformity and certainty in customs and usages of trade and commerce, and of those having a common trade, business, financial or professional interest; to promote a more enlarged and friendly intercourse among beekeepers.

ESHPA was originally founded in 1870 as the “New York State Bee-Keepers Association”, with dues of $1 (considered too high by many potential members). Ladies interested in beekeeping could join with just a signature.

Today ESHPA is a 501(c) (5) Federal Tax exempt corporation with a governing board elected by the general membership. Full bylaws are available at ESHPA.org . Regional “North-Eastern” “Southern” “Western” and “Long Island” directors are elected to three-year terms. Officers are elected to two year terms.

The majority of ESHPA members have less than 50 hives according to a voluntary online survey conducted in 2012.


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