There are some significant new developments to report:


  1. The American Honey Producers Association informed me that the Dept. of Commerce has made a preliminary ruling to impose antidumping duties on honey/rice syrup blends.  This had been a major loophole that had contributed to the 2-tiered market.  Please see the Federal Register:


  1. There are reports of large recalls and cancellations of contracts.  These are a result directly or indirectly of the government’s success to stop and curtail circumvention in any of its myriad forms.


  1. The march to monopoly may in fact be morphing into a march to bankruptcy.


  1. I have been advised that there is a new TV documentary being prepared with 6 segments on food, including honey.  I am going to be interviewed for this segment.  I hope to be able to convey the sense that the industry is returning to a level playing field, and in that context, the positive story of honey can be retold with more vigor and confidence.




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