New York State Department of Eviromental Conservation

Section 18 Approval

Recently, NY DEC has been granted Section 18 status for two miticides: Apivar and Hopguard.   Section 18 status is not an endorsement of a product nor does it make any claim about the effectiveness of the product.  Some of these products have been evaluated more thoroughly than others.  Be sure to monitor mite levels carefully to determine the effectiveness of whatever product you use.  Note pre-treatment mite levels, post-treatment levels and the conditions under which the treatment was applied (date, temperature, number and depth of hive bodies, as well as combs of bees and combs of brood (especially critical for HopGuard)). Keep good records and review them carefully to determine how well these products are working in your apiaries under the conditions you encounter.

HopGuard --The exemption is effective from January 1, 2013 and expires on December 31, 2013.


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New York State beekeepers gratefully acknowledge the work of

Dr. Nicholas Calderone for his efforts to obtain these emergency