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Beekeeping Two Day Saturday Workshop @ SUNY Cobleskill

Beekeeping Two Day Saturday Workshop Otober 3 and 10th from 9 - 4pm @ SUNY Cobleskill.

Beekeeping Workshop with Christine O'Dell, Adjunct Professor at SUNY Cobleskill. Students will learn the lives of the honeybees and the basic requirement and responsibilities of keeping bees. They will understand the mechanics of the hive and the tools involved to keep a healthy hive. Also, instruction will cover the history of bees, bee anatomy, bee biology, hive congruency and natural hive design, apiary site selection, bee health, patterns of nectar & pollen flow, seasonal concerns and methods for recognizing the needs of bees. Other topics will include installing bee packages, assembling hive wooden ware, cleaning burr comb, harvesting honey, recognizing healthy brood patterns as well as signs of problems, disease and pest identification and control, chemical treatments and watching and preparing for swarm season. We all need to understand the importance of bees in agriculture and in the pollination of our food. Class time will include lecture, discussion and hands-on work in an active bee hive.