Honey Show Competition is held at the Fall Meeting

 Stay tuned here for a new 2015 MEAD contest!

The Empire State Honey Producers Association is pleased to announce its honey show competition. In an effort to stimulate interest and participation in the fall meeting and the honey show, blue ribbons will be awarded to first place winners along with a prize; second place winners will receive a red ribbon and a prize. And to really make entering worthwhile, a $200 cash prize will be awarded for the best of show and $100 cash prizes to all first place winners. Additionally, each person entering the show will be awarded points as follows: ten points for all first prize entries, six points for all second prize entries and three points for all other entries. The person awarded the most points will also receive a $50 cash prize.

The 2015 show will feature four classes of liquid extracted honey: light, light amber, amber and dark. There will also be three classes of beeswax: a one-pound block, molded taper candles and dipped taper candles. If interest and demand are great enough, more classes —such as creamed and comb honey could be added next year.

So here is the deal for the four liquid extracted classes:

  • Three samples should be entered for each color class. Don't worry about matching Pfund grade specifications. The judge will determine the class. However, if you plan to enter more than one color class, enter a significant difference in colors.
  • Submit three samples per class in one-pound queenline or similar style jars.
  • There shall be no labeling on the jar; however, a twenty dollar bill taped to the bottom will be allowed.
  • Plastic or metal lids may be used.
  • Judging criteria: samples will be judged on the following: 1) moisture content (density); entries over 18.6% moisture will be disqualified, 2) absence of crystals, 3) cleanliness (absence of dirt, wax, foam, lint or air bubbles) 4) flavor (lack of off flavor such as burned, fermented) 5) container appearance ( glass, lid flaws)  6) accuracy/ uniformity of filling.

And here is the deal on the three beeswax classes:

  • For the block of beeswax class, a single one-pound cake of natural beeswax shall be submitted.
  • For the two beeswax candle classes. a pair of each shall be submitted. The drip end of the dipped candles should be left intact and wick between the two candles shall not be cut.  Again, no identifying markings are allowed on the beeswax products. It is recommended that all beeswax entries be submitted in a clear plastic wrap that can be easily removed for judging.
  • Judging criteria: the samples will be judged on: 1) cleanliness 2) aroma 3) uniformity of appearance 4) cracks and shrinkage.

Entries will be accepted at the fall meeting until noon on Friday, the day of the show. Samples may be submitted in person or by a trusted friend. All submissions must be the product of the entrant and produced in New York state. There is no entry fee; however, all entrants must be current members of the Empire State Honey Producers Association. This would include those paying dues on the day of the show. Awards will be given at the banquet Friday evening. All submissions will remain on display until after the banquet. After that the submissions should be retrieved. After 11 AM Saturday morning any unclaimed samples will become the property of ESHPA.

Comments and suggestions for improving the honey show will be greatly appreciated. Please submit them to any Association board member.